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In the 21st Century, we are living in an era of mass communication and technology. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” has begun to bring about large reforms in society and has changed the manner in which goods are made and shipped. In this new era, becoming “Digital” is the key to success in competitive business environments. Given the modern technology of “Digitalization,” the nature of Logistics has changed and there are a variety of different methods to ship and receive products.

ThanksTrucking, powered by ThanksMatrix, is working to adapt to the fast-changing landscape of Digital Logistics and is proudly providing innovative ways to satisfy both Shippers and Carriers.

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3235 Sattelite Blvd, Bldg 400 Ste 290, Duluth, GA 30096
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4240 Bell Blvd, Ste 201, Bayside, NY 11361
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We would like to welcome all of you who are visiting our website. ThanksTrucking is a family of Thanks Matrix, one of the world’s fastest growing CRM company in worldwide. Our aim is to build long-term and fruitful collaboration with members to pursue the best Market Makers in freight delivery industries by providing Premium State-of-Art Solution. Our expert-driven organization is at your service. Let us help you to Use, Share & Earn.


Global Companies
ThanksTrucking Korea CEO/President:


2012 Company platform first designed
Company initially formed in Georgia, one of the best states in USA for FINTECH(Financial + Technology) Business.
TMPOS is a specialized business management software and hardware provider who offers to customize, install and provide technical service.
2016 March NRF 2016 Retail Big Show Participation
May Georgia Beauty Show Demonstration
December US OTC Stock Market Registration Completed (December 2016)
2017 January TMPOS, INC. TMPOSMALL.COM ( Launching Event
February Thanksmatrix Leadership Workshop #6 in New York
New TMWellbeing Brand “de-Hygion” launched, introducing products “hy-pree” and “de-pree
March TMPOS, INC. IPO Registered
ThanksTrucking Korea, Corp. Registered
April ThanksHoldings, Corp GA, USA Registered
ThanksHoldings, Executive Workshop #7 in HQ
TMPOS, INC. Franchise System Management "Cafe Thanks" Opened
TresMore, LLC ( Launched
ThanksDigit, LLC ( Launched
ThanksHoldings, Leadership Workshop #8 in LA
June ThanksDigit Leadership Workshop #9 in HQ - Mining for Success
ThanksDigit Mining Farm Opened
Eubliss Thailand Launched
July Cafe Thanks Website Launched
ThanksTrucking Launched
TM Printing Shop Opened
ThanksHoldings 2nd Convention and Workshop #10 (Admin) in Hawaii
Nationwide Seamless Trucking Markekplace - ThanksTrucking